Monday, January 21, 2013

Proof that garment bags are a waste of money

This is soooo Poorman, I couldn't not post it.  This beats wearing my suit jacket on the plane...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

From "EEEK!" to Chic - The Poorman's actual cupboard

I wanted to get a lot done this weekend, seeing as the apartment is littered with boxes. Unfortunately I had some other errands to run, so I didn't get to everything on the list. One thing that needed to get done was the's been a nightmare. Flashback to a convo with the boyfriend over the phone this weekend while I was at work:

"Hey, where are your bowls."
"Um, they're either in a box in the kitchen, or a box in the den, or a box in my car. But there are definitely glasses in a box somewhere that you can use as a makeshift bowl."

It's been a busy week.

Aside from not having much time, I also don't have much counter space. In like, I don't have any. All I have is this built-in cupboard that needed some cleaning and touching up. So I tackled that this weekend, and tried to find a place for everything.

Despite being a Poorman, I do have some hang ups. Until I have my own house with my own cabinets, I don't like putting plates down on unlined shelves. I didn't buy new liners and I really didn't feel like going to the store, so I made one out of an old white pillow case I'm not using anymore. I cut both sides in order to make it twice as long, measured it, cut it to size and ironed it. Glad to have repurposed it, because it would have otherwise ended up in the trash. And, I bet it's a lot greener than actual shelf liners. And free.

Here are some before and after shots. I got some really cool Phillips Tablets glass bottles from my mom and grandma that I put on the top shelf, along with some cool tins i got from my grandpa with Delft patterns on them. Love! I may not have gotten as much done as I wanted, but I'm def happy with the results!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

From "EEEK!" to Chic - Belated update

Sorry to be gone for so long, it's been a busy few weeks.  I moved most of my stuff over the weekend, and last night I got the last bit of stuff out of the old apartment.  One thing about the new apartment -- there is a lot less closet space than the old apartment, so currently I have a bunch of boxes sitting in one room (Room #3 if you've been paying attention).  Also, shout out to Lynn, my mom, my sister and her boyfriend -- they were amazing helpers helping me move all the heavy stuff over the weekend.

The new apartment is coming together.  The floors are all painted now, although they need a few touch-ups.  The walls are mostly painted- still need to do second coats on the gray walls.  I painted the kitchen all-white, thinking that a nice, bright, white kitchen would look really clean and classic.  I'm not terribly happy with the result, it sort of just looks primed.  I'm thinking of either breaking it up with an accent wall, or maybe once everything is put away and hung up on the walls it will look much better.

You can see above that the living room is mostly done.  I found some old prints of Hoboken from the early 1900s that I think will look really good hung up in there.  I also need to paint those ceiling tiles -- I think a nice crisp white will really help to brighten up the room (my mom still thinks the walls are too dark, and I agree the room doesn't get much light...but I think a bright white ceiling will clear that up).  And I still need some curtains for the windows.  At first I was thinking white, again...but after seeing some things on Apartment Therapy, and after watching the first season of Downtown Abbey, I think I want to go with a tea-stain yellow.  There's something old school and almost Parisian about that that I like....we'll see.  I'm always up for suggestions!

So I'm obsessed with my new iPhone, but I feel like you're only as cool as as many apps you have downloaded.  I downloaded Pic Stitch, and put together the following progress-collage.  As I finish each room, I'm going to continue putting together progress shots like this.  Stay tuned!

One last thing - I am obsessed with Craigslist.  I cruise the ads almost every day looking for some good finds.  I start off with the Free section, and check off "has image" and do a search.  I've seen some really cool things, but you have to act fast because that stuff goes quick.  Then I'll do a Furniture search, with a max amount of $100 and again "has image."  With that, I was able to find the two pieces below - the server buffet was $20, and the tobacco stand was $25!  Amazeballs.  I'll also check the Antiques section, again with the $100 limit and "has image."  I've seen some cool stuff there too.

Also, this is a bit more local, but if you are near Princeton you should definitely check out Skillman Furniture Store (  It's a second-hand store, and they have some pretty awesome stuff.  I got this step table there for $25.

That's about all I have for now.  The apartment is a bit of a mess, and I'm a bit of a mess myself.  I'm exhausted from moving and traveling, and getting use to all the noise at night again.  I might get some stuff done this weekend, and next weekend I think I want to tackle replacing the vanity in the bathroom.  Exciting stuff!

Happy New Year!!