Monday, July 15, 2013

Faux Wood Chandelier

Or, actually, wood faux chandelier.  Real wood.  Faux chandelier.  Well, composite's not solid pine or anything.  Still real.

So, I was home watching Open House on NBC one Sunday morning - not a huge fan of the show, feel like it really interrupts my Sunday morning news gathering.  But what caught my eye was a segment on Sabrina Soto's (from HGTV) NYC apartment, and she had this awesome faux chandelier in her bedroom.

I did some research, and I actually found a replica on Etsy for like $60.  Well, those of you who know me know that it pains me to spend even $60 on a good pair of jeans (seriously, where can I find a good pair of jeans for $20??), so there's no way in hell I was going to buy this on Etsy.

Since I wasn't about to buy this on Etsy (actually, there is very little that I'd buy on Etsy that I wouldn't make myself - thoughts on this?), I decided to do a little materials-browsing at Michaels and see if I could create my own wood faux chandelier.

And I was in luck -- I found these frames that were on clearance, and had a great shape to them that I thought I could deconstruct and put together in a nice arrangement.  The big frames were $1.99 each, and the small frames were $.29!!  I love a good clearance sale.  (I ended up using just the two large frames, and one small frame.)

I took a bit of time to figure out the construction on this - and honestly, if I wasn't such an impatient person, I probably could have spent more time to make a solid structure.  Basically I relied on the strength of Elmers WoodGlue Max.  Gotta say, pretty strong...

I used the two big frames and deconstructed them using my Swiss Army knife.  The first piece was not so easy to cut out, but after I had a template it was easy to score and break apart the rest of the pieces -- I did some pretty deep scoring, and left the rest to some sand paper to smooth it out.

The bottom half of the chandelier was easy to glue to the dowel connecting it all.  The top half was a little tricky, and included the use of some butterfly clips and stray yarn (separate project, in the works).  Eventually I got all the pieces glued together, and it was time for some paint.

The paint I chose was some leftover Behr Paint-and-Primer-in-One.  I don't recommend this paint, it went on spotty and required multiple coats, despite the fact that its name seems time-saving.  Eventually I got it done, and I'm pretty pleased with the results.


Again, I could have taken my time and thought more about the construction, but overall I'm pretty pleased considering this project cost me $4.29 and some leftover paint.

(Btw, got that bed-set on sale from Macy's for $99 - great apartment-warming present from my mom!)

What do you think?  What sorts of DIY house projects have you done?

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